Macbook Services

Screen Replacement     - Removal of broken LCD screen 
    - Proper disposal & recycling of screen 
    - New LCD installation 
    - System optimization 

Board Level Service     - Laptop teardown
    - Repair/replace component such as DC jack
    - Laptop reassembly
    - System optimization

Data Recovery Services

Take a deep breath and then come on in. We use dedicated Mac and Windows servers designed to recover data from almost all types of data loss. In the event of severe mechanical damage, we'll get you the help you need.

Mac Services

Mac Tune-Up     - Removal of temporary & junk files 
    - Permissions repair 
    - OSX system optimization 
    - Disable unnecessary start-up items 
    - Hard drive service & optimization

Infection Removal     - Remove all infections (kill'em all) 
    - Install Malware scanning software 
    - Perform Security Audit

General Repair & Maintenance     - Resolve one software issue 
    - Hard drive service & optimization 
    - Dust Removal for better cooling and performance


  • General Repair & Maintenance$159.99
  • Screen Replacement$99.99 + parts
  • Board Level Service$159.99
  • Mac Data Recovery$159.99
  • Computer RecyclingFREE